The Story of Harry Brompton's London Ice Tea

Born in London, England

During the balmy summer of 2013…

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea was created with the aim of introducing delicious British Ice Tea to the world.

The team behind Harry’s really wanted to create ice tea perfection and worked day and night to make it happen.

It all started with the perfect combination of black tea, a hint of citrus and the finest grain spirit…  

Creating Ice Tea perfection…

…years of tastings, tweakings and the pursuit of tea excellence…

Harry wanted to be absolutely certain that his ice tea was good enough to be imbibed by discerning chaps and chappeses.

Since then Harry’s range of Ice Tea’s has won awards, gained amazing press and public feedback and been imbibed by some famous faces…


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Adding to the family

Once it became clear that Harry’s Alcoholic Ice Tea had been taken to the hearts of the public it made sense to create a non-alcoholic version too!

Perfect for when you are in need of the ultimate refreshment and when an alcoholic tipple isn’t quite right.

But this isn’t where the story ends, on no, in fact the Harry Brompton family just keeps growing…

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Harry’s team…

Harry Brompton’s is run by a team of tea experts and all-round good eggs who seek to bring the worlds finest British Ice Tea to you dear chaps and chapesses.  

This passionate and committed group of people will do anything (Steady on!) to bring outstanding Ice Tea to lips of demanding drinkers all over the world.

Harry Brompton’s, London’s Ice Tea.
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