The Process

Our journey to take all natural, real ingredients from farm to bottle. 


Harvesting Tea

Step 1

Our Black tea is grown in the Great Rift Valley located in the middle of the Kenyan highlands, where the climate is perfectly suited to tea production because of the rich fertile volcanic soils, regular rainfall and a plentiful supply of sunshine. We only work with farmers that care about their farms, communities and the climate.


Picking Fruit

Step 2

Our lemons, limes and peaches are sourced only from farms with the highest eco-sustainable practices and we only use the ripest fruits.


Blending Ingredients

Step 3

We brew our black tea as you would at home, adding hot water to the tea leaf and allowing it to brew over time. We lightly sweeten and then infuse it with our fruit flavours. Our signature flavour is imperative so we only bottle our brew if Ade or Ian has said it hits the spot!



Step 4

As soon as our delicious ice tea is given the thumbs up, it is packed into a lightweight, 100% recyclable, BPA free bottle, then it’s ready to head to the shops!



Step 5

Delivery: Once bottled, Harry Brompton's London Ice Tea travels out to thousands of retailers all across the United Kingdom (and beyond)!


Arrives at Retailer

Step 6

As soon as the bottles hit the retailers, Harry Bromptons London Ice Tea is lined up on shelf ready to keep London (and the rest of the world) on the go!


Ingredients Origins

We source the best ingredients from all over the world.