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My inspiration came from my Grandfather, Harry “Brompton” Cobb, a Londoner born and bred, who worked as a Waterman on the Thames
from 1926-1994. I remembered his stories of sailing and unloading the heavily laden ships carrying wonderful foods, fruits, spices and teas from all corners of the world to the London docks. And how he would 
never be without a large mug of tea, hot or cold, keeping him on go, even during the dark days of the Blitz.


At Harry Brompton’s we take natural, ingredients from farm to bottle. Our Black tea is ethically sourced in the Great Rift Valley located in the middle of the Kenyan highlands, where the climate is perfectly suited to growing the finest tea. A perfect combination of the rich fertile volcanic soils, regular rainfall and a plentiful supply of sunshine means our tea is rich and refreshing. Our lemons, limes, berries and peaches are picked at their ripest and sustainably sourced from across the world.

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